Style Secrets: How to do it

No matter how much you try, there is always that girl who seems to always have it all together: style, body, brains, fame, men.

What’s their secret to success, and really, how are they so damn perfect all the time? Here are a few tips shared by the cream girls at the top of the food chain.

1. Hygiene is number 1 rule.

Greasy hair is definitely not attractive. Smelly armpits = not sexy. Shower every single day, no excuse. Wash your hair often, but moisturise well your scalp and ends. If you get sweaty mid day, wash your face and neck with water, then pat dry with paper towel. Wipe down your body with either paper towel or baby wipes. If you really sweat a lot, buy a travel size deodorant and keep in your purse in case of emergencies.

2. Exercise often.

Exercising helps you burn fat and release endorphins. Studies have shown that exercising helps release stress and day-to-day blues. Try an elliptical machine for an all body exercise or the steps machine to simulate the struggle of walking up flight of stairs. If you want to focus on fat burning, don’t let your heart rate go up by too much. If you don’t like to go solo, sign up for a spinning class for a fulfilling session of muscle workout. Or if you prefer something slightly calmer, try a hot yoga class that helps you burn more calories than a regular class in normal temperature.

4. Splurge on key pieces of clothing.

You  don’t have to have a wardrobe the size of Wonderland. You don’t have to spend a lot of $$$ on clothing to establish a great sense of style. Have a few key pieces that would last a long time, and is matchable with at least 6 other pieces you already own. The more ways you can pair up, the more versatile and worthy it is to  you. A little black dress is always useful to have around. Pair it up with trendy jackets, a chunky glam necklace, and a pair of simple ballet flats and you’re good to go.

5. Read, a lot.

Don’t just read fiction, read things you want to know. Be curious always, and read with the intention of seeking answers. No need to read every single word, but skim through and highlight/write down the key points and things you want to remember.

6. Confidence.

Probably the most important point of all, confidence definitely makes or breaks how success you are at this whole thing. Confidence can make an impact to your job interviews, work in your favour in salary negotiation, and even help enable  the customer to trust you because they believe you know what you’re doing.

7. Be hard to get.

Note that this is not “play hard to get”, but it is actually and genuinely BE hard to get. Always be busy, and keep your options open. Don’t be available to go on dates every time he asks you to. Don’t sleep with him on the very first date. Don’t stop flirting with others until you’ve agreed to be mutually exclusive and you’re clear of his intentions. Be unexpected at times. It’s boring to be predictable.


Bottom line: Be the best version of your true self.

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