10 Beauty Items You Need this Summer


Sunshines in the skies and frisbees throwing everywhere. Yes, it’s the feel of summer. You wear sundresses and put on your shades. What an awesome day. You walk into the drug store, and suddenly so many things you didn’t think you need until now. Let’s see that list… 1. That red lipstick. Who says red lips are only for winter? Well, that person clearly hasn’t had their eyes open in…


Style Secrets: How to do it


No matter how much you try, there is always that girl who seems to always have it all together: style, body, brains, fame, men. What’s their secret to success, and really, how are they so damn perfect all the time? Here are a few tips shared by the cream girls at the top of the food chain. 1. Hygiene is number 1 rule. Greasy hair is definitely not attractive. Smelly…